This event was so magical making the superstitious thought into reality.

So, here is a beautiful story.

The design team was in their monotonous having conversation and exchange of thoughts where occurred an unusual debate about pondering of general people perspective of themes being bored of their predictable client’s ideology.

A part of it was the wistful thought of Disneyland theme, a theme which is a game of visualisation and also where every child has an imagination to explore and be a part of it while in infancy. The depth of the infancy mind is so fantasizing and when created is aesthetic. So, as it went on, we got a client at our doorstep with mindful specification of Disney theme coincidently, which reminded us of a metaphor Adams wish.

Through our discussion we found that both of us wanted the princess birthday to be memorable and also should remain as one of the beautiful memories for her, we were successful in creating the theme more than expected with the giant candy tree which looked so colourful with hanging candies  of different sizes  giving pleasing appearance to just grab the candy and eat which also acted as one of the photo element , a fish pond with a Donald duck in it with the effect of the water gave the animated and the lively experience throughout the event including the play of lights were the main highlights of the event . The minute details of the theme were reflected in the three Disney character concept based photo booths with the mini sized mushrooms, lively flower décor and also with the 3d and 2d characters, the stage details which includes lively flower décor and the backdrop with 2d theme elements , the last minute idea of creating the stage frill with beehive and 2d bees and a water bridge with water body in the form of blue pastel balloons all together with the amazing teamwork turned out to be amazing, fulfilling the client requirements  and yes we definitely succeeded.


The efforts and beauty of the event attracted three more clients with the same theme celebration.”



THEME DEVELOPMENT: Soumya and team



CLIENT REVIEW:   Hello, we loved the décor. It came out way better than we expected. Kids who came to the party enjoyed a lot. Great teamwork by you guys. Photobooth background is very impressive. Stage backdrop and winnie holding the cake table turned out very good. Not to mention the name on tree was simply wonderful. The 3d characters seem ed lovely. Thanks a lot, Soumya garu, phani garu for taking so much care and making sure it came out this well.


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